Sur Ma Route

I was hanging out with an island sister a couple weeks ago watching music videos on her TV when Black M’s “Sur Ma Route” came on. Immediately the song had me captivated. I “shazamed” it to find out who sang it. I downloaded it right away. Since that day I have listened to it at least once a day, usually more. It’s been added to my “favorites” playlist. I dance around while doing dishes. My shoulders sway while I’m lesson planning. I jump up and down to the beat while brushing my teeth.

Not only is it catchy with an awesome music video, but the lyrics are powerful and speak to right where I am. You can find the English version below. I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

On my way, yeah
There has been some movement, yeah
Some adventures in the film
A life of basic necessities1
On my way, yeah
I’ve stopped counting all the problems I had
I would go mad, yeah
A life of basic necessities

[Bridge] (x4)
On my way

[Verse 1]
On my way, I had moments of doubt
I was walking without knowing where I was going, I was stubborn
On my way, I had no checked baggage
And in my pocket, not a single penny, just my family between us
On my way, there has been many traffic jams
I have to admit that I often stumbled
Do you know that when you hit rock bottom
There are not many people you can turn to
You can only count on your dear parents
Because friends disappear one by one
Yes, sometimes my forehead touches the earth
Because God is great, and we live alone, we die alone

[Verse 2]
On my way, I’ve received low punches
I feel like my heart suffers from this, but I’m still under anesthesia
On my way, I met a lot of old friends
They talked to me about the next day and that everything was going so fast
Don’t talk to me about nostalgia
Because I have to admit that my heart is too fragile
I’m like a shipwrecked pirate
Yes, my crew is more than just damaged
I dry my tears, I lay down my arms
I don’t even want to know why they’re testing me, the others
If there’s nothing left to take, I know one thing remains constant
And my way is too long, I don’t have time to take a break

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