Elite Eight

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to tell you….






Many of you may not know that I graduated from THE University of Dayton 7 years ago. That’s because when you asked and I told you, you thought, “The what?” and immediately forgot. Not that I blame you for this. When I wore my favorite UD flip-flops, I was always asked if I went to the University of Delaware.

But unless you live under a rock, or don’t live in the US, or don’t care about college basketball at all, then you have now heard of the University of Dayton. Because my Flyers are headed to the Elite Eight for the first time in 30 years. Yes, 30 years, exactly. The last time was in 1984.

Though we never made it this far in the years I attended, UD basketball games are some of my fondest memories. Flyer fans are dedicated and amazing and the atmosphere is electric at every game. I couldn’t help but leave the stadium with a smile knowing that my screams and cheers joined thousands of others in the cacophony known as UD pride.

Though I cannot be there in person, know that you will have at least one faithful Flyer cheering you on from Africa when you face Florida in the Elite Eight. Let’s Go Flyers!


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2 thoughts on “Elite Eight

  1. Dad

    I think u should talk smack to these Fl fans. There are plenty of Florida fans are going to talk smack to you. Love you dad.

    • I think Dayton kicking Florida’s butt is all the smack talk needed. Plus I don’t normally associate with Gator fans…(go Dawgs) 😉

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