From 30,000 feet

ImageI watched the sunrise this morning, an African sun. It’s been four years exactly since I last saw it. There’s something different about an African sun. It’s more vibrant. During the day, it beats mercilessly. But the sunrise is G0d’s gift, the promise of a new day. It was His gift to me this morning as I sit on a very old 767 bound for Nairobi.

I will hopefully be able to upload a video of my entire journey, from the time I left St. Augustine to the time I arrive at my new home on Clove Island. But in the meantime, these random written thoughts on my trip so far must suffice.

I left the Atlanta airport 25 hours ago. I haven’t brushed my teeth or my hair; my face needs to be washed. I’ve eaten four in-flight meals and one meal in the Dubai airport. I stink. But so does my plane so we’re even. I’ve watched three movies: 2 Guns, the Internship and Oblivion. My luggage has been poked and prodded and we haven’t even gone through customs yet. To get on this flight, they weighed my carry-on items. My “personal item” and overhead combined weighed 27 kg, which I guess is around 60lbs! We’re only allowed 10kg, but no one informed me of that beforehand, so I had to pay a bunch of money just to get my carry-ons onto the plane at which point my overhead luggage did not fit in the overhead compartment. So while people are streaming past me I’m in the emergency exit row, taking books, my camera, water bottle and medical kit out of my luggage so that I can shove it into the excuse they call an overhead compartment.

But honestly, in over 24 hours of international travel, a lot can go wrong. It hasn’t. Other than being insanely tired, dirty, gross-feeling and having my wallet a little lighter I’ve had a good run of it. I was reminded of this as I watched the African sunrise from 30,000 ft. I am so thankful for the pr.yers of those I have left at home, going before me as I travel. He hears and he answers.

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3 thoughts on “From 30,000 feet

  1. Dad

    You sound very happy.

  2. Mom

    It’s raining and today is my day to cry. Love you.

  3. donald Leffler

    Everyday is a test but you are a good student

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