Day TwentyNine: Stuff

20 hours of packing. 7 hours of driving. I have finally arrived home.

Yesterday, my dad and 17 year old brother showed up to help me back my stuff into my car and their truck. After everything was boxed and all the stuff I wanted to get rid of was dropped off at Goodwill, we realized that there was no way we could possibly fit everything into our two vehicles. So this morning I work up at 5:45am and reserved a U-Haul trailer for pick up at 8:00am.

If everything can’t fit into my car and the truck, how in the world is it possibly going to fit into one bedroom? My mom already told me I could have one shelf on a bookcase to store my stuff. All that keeps running through my head is the line from Lonely Islands’ “Threw It On the Ground” where he says, “I’m an adult! I’m not a part of your system”, then in my head I add my own lyrics, “I can’t fit all my stuff on a bookcase. So I threw it on the ground!” It sounds really great in my head. 

All that to say, I have to get a storage unit because over the past three years I have accumulated a lot of house stuff that would be more expensive to replace than store. That is what’s ahead for me.

The last three days have been a blur of boxes, packing materials, goodbyes, eating out and stress. I am home and going to go sit on the couch with my family for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I hope to have processed everything and give you an awesome finale to the 30 day challenge.

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