Day TwentyFour: Day of Firsts

Today was a day of firsts. It began at work. After answering the emails I’d received the evening before, I assessed my schedule for the day. I was looking over the two interviews I had scheduled and mentally preparing myself for each applicant, when I noticed an anomaly. My Outlook calendar said I had two interviews, one at 10am and one at 2pm. My excel spreadsheet, where I keep track of my applicants, also listed two interviews. But two of the names did not match up. After looking over my emails with each applicant, I realized that I’d double booked myself for my 2pm time slot and forgot to put one of them on the calendar. My 10am was listed on another spreadsheet because he was technically not “my” applicant. It’s complicated. ANYWAYS, in 3 years, after over 300 interviews, I have never double booked myself. It worked out fine and I was able to get someone to cover one of the 2pm interviews.

My 10am interview rolls around. I type the interviews, verbatim, into a form on the Internet. In the middle of the interview, the network disconnects and I have no Internet. But I don’t realize it because my form stays the same. It’s when I go to save the form and it freezes and eventually disappears that I realize there is no Internet and in all likelihood, I lost that entire interview. I’m not positive because the Internet and network issues were not resolved for the rest of the day so I couldn’t log in to check it out. However, I have never lost an interview or had it deleted or had to do one over again. I’ve known recruiters that have had those issues, but that is a first for me.

After a long lunch and much lamentation concerning the amount of work I need to do, which is not getting done, I return to the office and try to reboot my computer for my 2pm interview. Forty-five minutes later it is still “applying user settings” and not logged in. So I walk into my interview with a pad of legal paper and took notes by hand. Remember I usually type what my applicant is saying verbatim. I am a fairly fast typist- between 65-75 words per minute. Typing Test

Visit the Typing Test and try!

I am not a fast note-taker, however; I do not know short hand. So I sat across from a young, hopeful Peace Corps applicant with my yellow pad of paper trying to write as quickly as possible to capture what she was saying and give myself clues as to what I should type into the form whenever our network is reestablished. Three years, three hundred interviews…first time that’s ever happened.

My interminable workday of firsts finally ended and I came home to sleep off some of my stress before heading to missional community for the last time in the next 2 ½ years. Walking into that house and seeing people that I love and who love me in return removed my residual stress almost instantaneously. Throughout the night I received affirmation and encouragement from almost everyone. To end our study for the evening, I went to the center of the room and my community laid hands on me and prayed for me- about 25-30 people. The hands were heavy on my shoulders and arms. As they thanked God and prayed for guidance and provision for me, I allowed their words to wash over me and realized that this is also a first. I have never been sent by a church, a community, a family of believers. I have always been on my own, fiercely independent and accountable to myself and God alone. Today I felt the weight of my responsibility to my faith family. I am going out into the world as a representation of my church, of the people in that room who are praying for me. It is a great thing to be sent. It is a burden as well. Just like the physical weight of their hands anchored me to the ground- the weight of their prayers and support anchors me to each one of them and the church as a whole.

What an oftentimes frustrating, but ultimately incredible day of firsts.

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