Day TwentyOne: Going Away Dinner

*Sigh*. After more than a month of planning, my big Going Away Dinner has come and gone. You know from yesterday’s post that I was stressed. My entire day was a blur of additional stress. Two days ago I came up with the fabulous idea of getting a poster of the Atlanta skyline and having everyone could sign it. I imagined myself hanging it on my wall in my African dwelling place and when I got lonely or depressed, looking at my picture of Atlanta and remembering how many people care about me back home. Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to find some place that sells posters of the Atlanta skyline! I found posters of New York City and London and Paris…

Five hours and seven stores later, I hadn’t found what I wanted. I landed at Walmart and bought a mat for a 5×7 photo. Then I printed a picture of the Atlanta skyline on card stock paper.By the end of the night this is what it looked like. I love it!!

The dinner was held at the Gordon Biersch in Midtown. We had the entire upstairs which included a private bar, three pool tables, two TVs playing the games and seating for 75. It was a great space. They also had a microphone for our live music. I felt like I was getting married, but without the whole husband thing. I had an eclectic group of friends come to wish my safe travels, from each part of my life: church, work, my apartment. I am so happy I had this chance to see everyone. I am thankful for the friendships that were strengthened tonight and those that were newly formed. I am thankful that everyone took time during their weekend to drive into Midtown, braving the traffic when Music Midtown was going on just blocks away, to buy their own dinner, just to say goodbye to me. I feel so blessed to have met such amazing friends. I love you all!!

First Baptist Atlanta

First Baptist Atlanta

Passion City

Passion City



Peace Corps

Peace Corps

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