Day Nineteen: What Restaurants Do I Need to Try in Atlanta?

Tonight I spent the evening with a good friend at Antico Pizza. I asked my friend to meet me there because I was told that this is the best pizza place in Atlanta. We ordered the lasagna pizza, which was quite delicious. (Though I’m sure that it tops Blue Moon’s Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza- heavenly!)

The restaurant wasn’t at all what I was expecting. With a name like Antico Pizza- Pizza Tradizionale di Napoli, I was imagining a quiet, little Italian restaurant, with small two person tables, candles and a glass of wine. Nope. Antico is small, loud and has family-style seating. We sat facing each other on two long benches with strangers on either side of us. Trying to get my legs over a tall bench, in a dress, without flashing my neighbors was quite a feat of gymnastics that I’m fairly certain I failed. To be heard across the table required yelling and Imagerepetition. But the food was good, the atmosphere lively and it was a fun experience.

I rarely get my comments on my posts, for whatever reason. Today I am soliciting comments. I have just a week and a half left in Atlanta. I have no plans to go grocery shopping. What restaurants do I have to try before I move?

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2 thoughts on “Day Nineteen: What Restaurants Do I Need to Try in Atlanta?

  1. Charlie B

    McKendricks Steak House !!

  2. Daddy D’z and Fox Brothers. They have the best BBQ places in Atl! Also check out Grindhouse Killer burgers.

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