Day Thirteen: Be Yourself


 Don’t waste the person that God created you to be by trying to be someone else.*


We each of us have been hand-crafted by an incredibly creative God. Everyone of us, the most marred among us, serves to delight our Creator and contribute to his glory in a way that no other created being ever could. (You may recall a man born blind for the sake of God’s glory.)

That is a high calling indeed!

There is no understudy for your role in God’s story. He has no Plan B. If you are not you – if you do not play the part for which you were designed – no one can fill the gap that you leave.

When we set out to honor God through a life of obedient service (gratitude in action) we can find ourselves disenchanted. Disillusioned. Disgusted, even. So often our expectations are out of kilter. Especially those we have of ourselves. That’s when we begin to covet someone else’s part in the play.

We give up on being ourselves because we become convinced that who we are is not good enough. Not acceptable. Extraneous. A waste of God’s time.

God went to a great deal of trouble to make us as we are. Our heritage, our history. Our parentage, our personality. Our talents, our thorn in the flesh. Everything about us is the product of a sovereign master-planner who is as extravagant with creative beauty as he is with grace. Don’t waste that.

Even our weaknesses contribute to his glory, if we avail ourselves of his strength. Our shortcomings become opportunities to practice dependency upon the one who is exalted as we do so.

Father has told us that we have everything pertaining to life and godliness. That he has emptied his heavenly storehouse of blessings in order to bestow them upon us, his children. Rather than focusing on what we are not, what we do not have, we need to rejoice in what we have.

Don’t waste the person that God created you to be. To be someone else would only be a distant second best.

(Becky Fuller, Catalyst)

**This blog post was written by guest blogger, Dave Lewis. I met Dave and his wife Irene when I went home to Indiana this summer. They founded an organization called Paracletos whose purpose is to provide encouragement, training, tools and other resources that will help the body of Christ to be more effective in their ministry of caring for the harvest force.

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