Day Four: A Team Mentality

I was talking to my roommate earlier this evening. Today my blog received the most views it’s ever had, probably thanks to her Facebook and Twitter shares. It’s a little intimidating and not just a little pressure.

So I’ll just tell a short story: Working as a recruiter at the Peace Corps has been my first real, career-enhancing job. I started three years ago.  When I began, my boss was probably the best boss I can ever hope for. He was very hands-off, saying that we know our job better than he does so why would he interfere? He was encouraging, always hoping that his employees would take every opportunity to better themselves. My boss fostered team spirit among his employees and under his supervision our office flourished. He had many little sayings that we all tried to remember and his booming laugh would echo through the office and put a smile on everyone’s face. And he loved the Lord.

A year ago today he retired from federal service. He called me while I was at work. I didn’t recognize the number and normally I would have let an unknown number go to voicemail. But today I answered.

Now my former boss is not just someone I miss around the office; he has become a part of my team by supporting me on a monthly basis, rising to the 30 Day Challenge. I know that it is a sacrifice for him and his wife, and as he told me of their decision tears came to my eyes. I am so thankful for the people God has brought into my life over the years and so very blessed when they join my support team.


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