Day One: The Leak

Last night I was sitting in my room and I hear a “plink, plink, plink” sound coming from my closet. It was incessant, unnerving and definitely coming from my closet.  It sounded like water dripping. But why would there be water in my closet? With some trepidation I inched my way into the closet and turned on the light. The “plink, plink” continued and I followed the sound until my eyes were looking at the ceiling where drips of water were plinking into the light fixture. What the…?

I ran to Rachel’s room and started pounding on her door. I told her, “Rachel there is something happening in my closet; come see!” She had no idea what to expect with that introduction and cautiously made her way to my closet thinking I was hoping to scare her with a nest of spiders, or much worse…a roach! Instead I turned on the light, pointed to it and said, “Look!”

As we watched water continued to fill the fixture, which is an orb that surrounds the light bulb. The normally opaque fixture began to turn a murky brown.

The contents of my closet piled on my bed after the initial discovery of the leak.

I immediately called the leasing office, which was open for another 7 minutes and quickly informed them of my dire situation. Then with Rachel’s help I removed most of my belongings from my closet and placed them haphazardly on my bed, piling clothes and shoes high.

An hour passed and we’d still heard nothing from maintenance. By this point the water had spilled over the light fixture and was quickly filling two trashcans we had placed below the leak. The towel we’d placed underneath the trashcans was soaking up the excess that didn’t make it to the targeted receptacles. There was nothing else to do so with a shrug of my shoulders, I left for dinner with friends. When I returned I found a note that there had been a leak (umm…duh), the light fixture was removed and emptied and they would return the following day to assess the water damage.

Twenty-four hours later, my clothes are now scattered on the floor instead of piled on the bed. All is as I left it when I went to church this morning at 8:30am. No one has come to assess the damage or dry the carpet.

But surprisingly, I’m not upset. First of all, I needed an excuse to go through my clothing and get rid of things I don’t wear anymore; mostly because they’re too small/tight. And it also gives me the opportunity to begin packing for my move to Florida.

Second, I had a wonderful day. Normally, I spend my Sunday after church doing chores and napping. Today I spent at the house of a couple from church. We’ve been emailing and praying for each other while they spent the summer in Mozambique. They’ve been home for a week and invited me over after the early service. I spent the whole day there sharing my story and hearing theirs. They’re also Returned Peace Corps Volunteers so they were fascinated with my stories of recruiting the current generation of Peace Corps Volunteers. We ate an amazing home-cooked meal and I was taught a new board game. It was such a marvelous day; how could I come home and have the day tainted because of a little inconvenience caused by a leak? Day one of the 30 Day Challenge, I consider you a success.

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