Thirty Day Challenge

What do you do with $25? I looked over my credit card bill from mid July to mid August and found out what I do with it. I buy gas. I go out for dinner. I get pedicures. I go to the movies. I get my car washed. I spent over $25 at Starbucks last month!

I don’t like what I see when I look at my credit card statement, not just because I owe a bunch of money, but because of what it says about me. I am a consumer. And I spend a whole lot of money on me.

But what if I asked the question, what could you do with $25? Can it make a difference? If you’ve read my blog you know that I have to raise a certain amount of money in order to serve the island people beginning in October. I needed to raise an initial outgoing amount to cover airfare, vaccinations, setting up my house, etc. It covers those one-time expenses. Thanks to the generous donations of my friends, family and strangers from all over the US and the world, within three months that amount was covered.

The less glamorous and more humbling aspect of preparation is raising monthly support. By far not the only reason, but one of the reasons I have waited so long to pursue this path that I was called to was out of fear. The deepest rooted fear was not trusting God is able to provide- the more surface fear was not wanting to look needy or weak in front of friends and family. And this has been a struggle.  Slowly but surely God is teaching me trust as the body of Christ rallies around me to pray and encourage and support.

Taken and reworded from another support-raiser, here is why I am no longer ashamed to ask friends and family for financial provision:

 1. It’s given me the discipline to stay in touch with a large group of friends. We’re connected to and encouraged by people who really care about us and our ministry. I send out a monthly email to those who have agreed to pray for me and I am so encouraged when I hear back from them.

 2. It forces me to be accountable in ways that bring health to my life. Left to my own devices, I’d probably become too independent. Ministering to my support team causes me to grow and keeps me humble.

 3. It builds faith in me. I can’t just take a salary check for granted; I have to look to God to provide.

4. It frees up resources for the Kingdom. Most of my supporters give because they believe in and love me. They partner with me in sharing the love of Christ with a hurting world. Our efforts together help push back the tide of hopelessness.


(Adapted from


So with that said, I am officially announcing to the blogosphere world the Thirty Day Challenge.  I have to be fully funded by September 30th. That’s right, in a little over a month I need to be at 100% support. I am still in need of $708 a month to reach the goal set for me of $2384.

In September, I am praying and believing that God can raise 28 individuals, families, small groups or churches to join my team as monthly supporters at $25 a month. God has given me the education, the skills and the desire to work with the island people, but you have the opportunity to have front row seats into what God is doing and with less than it takes to fill up your car with gas, or get your nails done or countless others things that have no eternal purpose or meaning.

The amount is simply a suggestion. Anything is appreciated and makes you a valued member of my ministry. If you’d like to partner with me, click on the Support Tab at the top of the page or go to and follow the instructions. (Just a note on giving online: do not search for my name. Type my name, Jessica Kyle, in Gift Comments and it will be credited to me).

And of course, I will be participating in this challenge, as I’ve never met a challenge I didn’t want to tackle. From September 1st to September 30th, I will be updating my blog daily! Some posts will be simple quotes and photos, others may be links to relevant posts and I am crossing my fingers for a couple guest bloggers to make their debut. Additionally, I will be making a concerted effort to be less of a consumer in preparation for island life where that won’t be an option. I want to glorify God with my spending habits (and I’m sure my waistline will thank me as well).

Finally, I’d like to solicit any questions you have for me. At one point I’d like to have a post that covers all the support/ministry questions.

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